Monday, November 12, 2012

now you can find me here

Hey there... so I keep trying to get back into the swing of blogging and decided what I really need is focus... so I've gotten some focus...

join me at my new and permanent home: Librarian eats.

Where are I'm all about books and food. Aside from my children & hubby - I live for books & food. Come join me!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Newest endeavor

Hey you, long time no see.... yea, things here have been crazy. I haven't had time to focus much on anything other than kids, grad school and work. Even hubby has done a lot of fending for himself. He's a saint. Well, honestly the greatest asset to a grad student is a spouse that's already been there, done that... They understand and are willing to offer never ending support. But my semester is nearing to a close and I've learned that I've junked up my kitchen!!! Junk food abounds. And even worse, I apparently forgot that I was buying random processed junk and bought even more!!! But I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Sometimes in life you make compromises to survive. For us some junk food got us through long hours and zero energy.

But, now that the semester is winding down AND I only have one class next semester SO it's time to clean this mess up!!! I want to get back to more traditional foods... perhaps even Paleo should I be able to get that disciplined.

But first - waste not want not!!! So I'll be taking my pantry and cabinets that look nearly like this:

My goal is to spend as little as possible on groceries as we eat our way through the 'stuff' that fills our storage space. I will replenish and meal plan with better foods.

Moving forward in the next few weeks, I'll return to posting our meal plans - though you must promise not to judge :) Here's this weeks:

Bulk cooking of the week: Veggie soup to clean out the fridge.

Monday: Stuffed mushrooms w/ garlic butter gluten free noodles

Tuesday: (dad's junk food night - this may never change) chicken nuggets, french fries, broccoli and fruit

Wednesday: Chicken quesadillas w/ salsa & corn

Thursday: Chicken in mushroom gravy w/ mashed potatoes and green beans

Friday: Cheese pizzas
**Bonus** bake sale day so I'm making s'more chippers perhaps I'll post the recipe and pictures later.

Saturday: Fish tacos, veggies

Sunday: Mexican rice (rice, ground beef, diced tomatoes & corn - beans if I have any shoved in the pantry)

So what are you having this week?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ready for a literary journey?

So not very long ago a book came through for another patron that caught the staff's collective eye:

Two of us ended up reading Slow Love by Dominique Browning it at the same time. We both have very different lives but both found a strong life lesson that spoke to us. For me, it was the necessity to take my time. Learn to "take the repeats" in life, even when they feel utterly intolerable since I have a million other things I'd like to do... The book has a lesson tucked in it for everyone, I'm sure of it. In fact, I'm actually buying it because I think all of my friends need to read it. Her lesson was that she's worth 'it'. I'm sure there are many more.

My next stop in the journey was with a patron:
I picked up, Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler,  just because I love all things Amish. He certainly shares a LOT of the Amish culture and a bit of the religion. But for me the value was in the lesson that he learned through his waffling through life. I find myself often waffling through life - one foot at home and one in the workplace. It's a difficult balance that I haven't yet mastered. Though his life circumstance is completely different, there are certainly lessons we can all learn from his experience. Oh and his realization about faith is inspiring but I'll let you read that yourself.

The continued fascination with the peace that Ira discovers brought me to:

Amish Peace by Suzanne Woods Fisher. I love this book! It's broken down into topic and even lessons. My favorite part is that the whole thing is built around the idea ~ Don't envy what we have, build your own! ~ Want a simple life, build one. Want Amish unwavering faith, become unwavering in your faith. Wish you had our community? Build up your community... I love my life and who I am, but that doesn't mean that sometimes I don't think that it could be better. I love that this book helped me focus on making me better instead of trying to be something I'm not.. and the whole thing tied in nicely with the previous two selections: the amish extension is obvious from Growing Up Amish, and slowing down to enjoy life and one another from Slow Love.

Then as luck would have it, another library patron requested:

365 Thank yous by John Kralik was just the right dose of gratitude in the mix of self improvement! This book chronicles his journey from almost wishing he'd been hit by a bus to rescue himself from his life to a full life that he enjoys. His committment to gratitude was inspirational and inspired me to take all of the inner workings of peace and enjoyment that had developed over the earlier books and sprinkle these in others' hearts like a Johnny Appleseed of contentment.

Hopefully you will decided to enjoy one or all of these selections and develop your own inner Johnny Appleseed of contentment. Let me know if you do!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Special visitors with a message to my heart!

Funniest thing ... sometimes a common message can just hit you at the most needed times and it's like a sledge hammer right?

That was exactly what happened today...

So our whole family is struggling with some transition right now. This is just normal life stuff that we really had no say in, but now have to fully come to terms with. We will be all be fine, and honestly at the end of the day - we all have a house, food & one another so life is good right?

But I haven't always felt that way...

In fact, I didn't feel that way at all until after Mass today. Today I went to Mass feeling sorry for myself. Some personal relationships had soured. My work hours had changed that significantly impacted my family causing some very difficult decisions to be made.

I was going about doing what I felt was right but not liking any of it due to anxiety and worry.

Then a new priest started the Mass. Great, I thought.. Just what I needed... some new guy when I'm struggling with all of this baggage. Great. And then the Mass started...

And it was the same. (Of course)

And it hit me, that of course it's the same. Our Mass is my visit with Our Lord, who is steadfast. No matter my current circumstances, He is available and ever supportive.

And then came the message....

If people do not welcome you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave their town, as a testimony against them. Luke 9:5  Father's homily focused on our need to depend upon one another and care for one another. Judgement of one another based upon denomination, personal preferences and other random things is not of value. Furthermore, if we should find ourselves in an unwelcoming place, we should not carry it with us. We should instead shake their dirt from our sandals and drive on to better destinations.

And that my friends, is exactly what I intend to do :) 

As to our special visitors ~ they were men and women working towards becoming Chaplains in the USAF. That has to be one of the toughest jobs in the military and I'll be praying for them. I know they were already a blessing to me! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Broccoli Piccata Lunch

So this morning hubby pops his head in the bedroom to say goodbye on his way to work. BTW, he says, we don't have leftovers for our lunch so I made myself a sandwich. You might want to as well....

We'd had sandwiches the night before in a mad dash to make it from swimming pool to preschool friends ice cream date. A sandwich didn't sound all that great to me again, so I booked butt through my morning routine to whip something up. I have Vegan Lunch Box checked out from the library - so I feel like I have a secret super power at the ready. Turns out, I did. Only a couple of minutes and my lunch looked like this:

Sorry - the picture doesn't do it justice. And I cheated in the broccoli piccata. I used frozen broccoli instead of cooking fresh - I was in a time pinch. The sauce only took a second. I also had a cup of miso soup & 2 cheese sticks (SORRY Vegan Lunch Box!)

It was delicious & quick. I thought the broccoli might be a bit oily but the lemon juice took great care of that. This is a great "back pocket recipe" for when I don't have leftovers for lunch the next day :)

BTW - here's the link to Jennifershmoo's blog post :) I gotta work on some cute containers!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Long time no see... lunch

Hey y'all!! Are you still out there? I'm still here though not as much as I'd like. School is out so no kids lunches today! You'll have to enjoy my lunch:
It's not pretty but it is yummy... 
Tuna melt on english muffin
Broccoli salad left overs (dairy free - hubby is dairy free right now due to reflux... yi yi yi - dairy free hubby, sugar free son...good thing I like to cook!)
Raspberry lemon scone for dessert Mmm

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinterest inspiration....

So I have a new addiction ~ pinterest. I resisted for as long as I could. Then one of my MLIS classmates mentioned that she uses it to track ideas for her library. Genius! So I signed right up. Guess what?... I haven't a library board yet.. But I have done lots of other fun things! Here's my pics from activities I've tried or recipes I've done because of pinterest -

My 1/2 french twist hair style ~ easy peasy for something a little different. But mostly I'm workin' the food aspect of pinterest!!!

Baked oatmeal in cups ~ this one is from Sugar-Free Mom Pinterest introduced me to her blog and I love it! Though I gotta be honest, I also pinned the pumpkin-vanilla smoothie and I didn't love it. It was ok, but after trying some of her other stuff - I think my expectations are just really high. Because her other stuff, healthy or not, is out of this world delicious!!
I'm looking forward to putting some of the ideas to good use in my garden this year as well. :) Oh yeah... and maybe the library too.