Saturday, June 14, 2008

Actual mileage

I ran my "big" neighborhood loop today. It's only about 2.25 miles, but it's been a long while since I've been serious about running. So that's big to me. I wore my new running duds so I was lightening quick of course ;) Part of my new duds are a pair of Nike running shorts. They are super comfortable and a size medium. I'm a little chunky - so put me in a medium and I'm a customer for life!

Other run excitement: I turned a corner and saw 3 police cars sort of blocking the road. I quickly started scanning all of the houses for an open door - because well, I'm a gawker. And quite frankly, we're a relatively small suburb... 3 police cars is darn near all units responding. It turns out though that breaking into someone's basement must just be the funnest thing going the Saturday before Father's Day. One police man was breaking into a basement while a family with shopping bags and 2 other police officers watched. I'm guessing they locked themselves out.

Sure beats my last run excitement... I found a potato someone must of dropped on the way in from grocery shopping.

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