Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up the hill

1.5 mi little loop up the hill.
Total since beginning of blogging: 3.75

Great run today. I really needed it! It's so funny that the second I start running it seems like everything else just fall away. It really feels like Forest Gump running out of his leg braces. Hubby's one hour commute, so we just don't see him much... tinks to the ground, kids don't want to leave daycare because I pick up during outside time... kerplunk, pile of ironing at the foot of the bed... plunk. It's fabulous!

I do need to find another loop - the 1.5 just isn't far enough. I think a nice 2 mile one would be nice for a next step. That way it's easy enough to say to myself "It's only a 20 minute run, I can squeeze it in." I think I saw something in runners world about a site that developes routes using GPS around where you live. I'll have to check for that!

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