Wednesday, July 23, 2008

$1 gets you farther than you think

So if you were to happen upon a garage sale with only $1 in your pocket, which of these do you think you could score? A wonderful tired yellow lab named Casey, a weathered wooden shelf, or a well used child's broom?

I was just so thrilled to find the little white shelf. My original thought was to clean it up and paint it black. I thought it would be great inside my door as a catch all. It was even dirtier when I found it than in the picture. I was hesitant to actually bring it in the house so I set it on the back patio. Turns out I love the look of it up against the bricks.

Looking at the photo again it sort of looks like a huge dog next to a tiny broom and a shelf. Haha - that would be a totally different caption wouldn't it?

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