Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dog Food Anyone?

Little Pixie turned 6 yesterday. We had a fabulous party with many of her friends. She is extremely taken with LPS this year. What's that? You are too old to be down with 'LPS'? Well don't sweat it - I was too. Then I was properly schooled. LPS is Littlest Pet Shops - little bobble head animals. They are adorable and well... cheap. So we love them!

So our theme was LPS. We seemed to zero in on the puppie aspect, mainly because it came easy. We got the party started with a milk bone hunt. The children descended on my back yard like locusts. They snatched every last one up quite quickly. With impending nasty weather, this was a blessing. The next game on the agenda was a tennis ball line - passing from the start to finish without using our hands. With 6 yo this game was over before I reached the beginning of the line! Again a blessing as raindrops started to fall. The final game planned was a water bowl obstacle course. Everyone wasn't instantly on board with this activity but they warmed up. Especially since we decided to do it relay fashion, with the threat of thunder over head. This meant that those at the end of the relay pretty much had empty bowls. Suddenly they were stepping up and volunteering! As soon as we had them wet from this activity, the rain dried up and the sun came out for a beautiful day!

We served hot dogs, of course. And other standards - chips, doritos, veggies, baked beans. The grande finale was the dog food cake! I cubed a frozen pound cake and mixed in some banana pudding. Topped with graham cracker crust, it certainly didn't look like cake! I'm very pleased that at least one little girl was hesitant as she wasn't interested in eating dog food. So I fooled someone! And it was tasty! For the squeamish I also made chocolate cupcakes with little paw prints. Too much fun!!!

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