Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jungle Jim's Grocery Store

Little pixie went on a field trip today to Jungle Jim's Grocery Store. She kept checking her activity calendar all week.

She'd point to Wednesday and say "This day I'm going to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati" This was a little odd, as the grocery store is not her favorite place. I thought they must really be chatting this trip up at school. This morning little pixie even reminded me a number of times that today was Jungle Jim day.

Upon pick up I had a long faced pixie. Turns out Jungle Jim's isn't a 'jungle gym' it's just a place filled with food. Sure, she got some of the food but they didn't have any place at all to play...

One of those forehead smacks to me... why didn't it occur to me that she really had no idea. We did briefly talk about her going to try some new food and tour but it just didn't register I suppose.

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