Monday, August 11, 2008

1st lunch for 1st grade!

Tomorrow starts first grade. Little pixie is super excited. I am super excited to pack some Bento lunches! Unfortunately my new little bento boxes haven't arrived. I dug out some snack boxes we had and used those instead. These are my very first attempt so I'm sure I'll improve and get some fun ideas as time goes on.

LP Bento: carrot sticks, raisins & tomato, cheese salad. 1/2 a pb&j sandwich not pictued.
My Bento: carrot sticks, turkey, tomato & cheese salad.

Yep that's right I'm packing one for me too. It's easiest for me to pack 2 the same instead of a lunch for each of us + hubby. And it sure is fun!

Also my exercise report from yesterday - DS and I walked 2 cul-de-sacs and played at the playground. DD and I walked 1.5 mi and played at the playground. Not as calorie burning as a run but a whole lotta fun!

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