Friday, August 8, 2008

Amish Friendship Bread

Mmm... I love this sweet bread! How endearing that it's created from a batter handed from friend to friend.

It was about 5 years since the batter last passed my way. We had just moved into our home a couple of months before. I developed a plan, I was going to meet my neighbors one by one. I thought it would be fun to show up with a little loaf of bread and a bag of batter. So I loaded everything up and headed out to my immediate neighbor to the left. She was a retired woman, who I met briefly the week before during trick or treat. At that time she made a mention that the neighborhood used to be so friendly everyone knew one another. She wished it would return to that. I was proud to show my support for her vision. I was also looking to build confidence in my idea.

I sort of trotted down the hill and over the sidewalk. I was excited that just a second or two after I knocked there was a quick answer. She was home, she smiled, everything was going my way!

"Hi Helen! I baked you a fresh loaf of friendship bread!" I declared beaming from ear to ear.

"I'm not interested!" Grimace, growl, slam!

Wow, was I ever blind sided. I felt completely set up. She duped me into thinking she wanted a friendly neighborhood. Luckily, she's the odd ball. We actually do have a wonderful neighborhood, and some of us get a good laugh out of this story.

There is a moral of the story, I guess. Friendship bread is heart warming, but your not going to thaw ice on it or anything.

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