Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bento weakness

So our family is not vegan nor are we japanese animation fanatics - 2 things that seem to push the bento fad here. But I am just addicted to the blog The Vegan Lunchbox , and Bento TV. I have been trying to resist purchasing one. I figure I can make a cute lunch in any container right? But it just isn't the same. The common containers are a bit too large so the foods really get shaken up. Or some are glass and not appropriate for little pixie to take for lunch. Or some were too hard for us to open due to an unusual shape, and also not water tight.

I spent some time at I Love Obento for a while the last couple of weeks. Originally I hoped for the Laptop system, but the cost of that just could not be justified. Both little pixie and I wanted one for our lunches. We settled on the following:

I just received the shipping confirmation. They are shipping parcel post from California to Ohio. So 2-9 days... oh the waiting!! Once they arrive and I make some lunches I'll post some pictures. I'll post a review from Little Pixie as well! I hope to get her excited about continuing to pack her lunch instead of eating the standard hot lunch program at her school. We'll save all of that for another post ;)

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