Friday, August 1, 2008

Button Up Your Top Down

For my birthday, my fabulous family gifted me this book. I have been working at my normal slow speed at this sweater since April. I have finally stopped increasing for the shoulders! In my defense, I'm not completely at a snails pace when actually knitting. It's just that by the end of the day after work, cleaning and prepping for the next day I don't have much energy left to knit. But I believe relief is on the horizon!!

My oldest has taken up the sport of soccer. She played for the Y last year and it was great fun. When she asked to play for her school this year I quickly agreed. She is only 6, how demanding could it be?

Well after our first parent meeting, I now understand the bumper sticker "My kid plays soccer, I have no life" We now have practice 2x per week and 2 games per week. I'm wondering how homework and sleep fit in the schedule but we'll handle things as they come up I suppose.

What does this have to do with knitting? Well little pixie NEEDS me at every practice and game. I have an inability to just sit and cheer - maybe it's my ADD. Whatever the reason, I intend to knit and cheer. I'm guessing with all of this time, I will have a new sweater come October.

And what a great sweater for the fall. It's a cranberry color button down. It has a crew neck and is such a soft yarn. I'm extremely excited! I hope to post finished pix at a later date.

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