Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Daily Plate

1st - 1.5 mi run. It's hot and I'm tired. I definitely had a communication problem kind of day. I'd say one thing but by the time it tossed and turned to other person's ear it must have morphed. The responses I got did not match the question. It was odd. I pondered it while I ran. I decided the run wasn't long enough to come to a conclusion... but dear hubby was grilling burgers at home so no time or energy to extend ;)

On a better note - I have a new toy. It's the menu/activity tracker at The Daily Plate. At first I found the task daunting. But as I've gone along, it has gotten easier. I've built in some of my favorites, such as my morning coffee w/ milk. My most common foods are listed on the side as well, so that is a sort of short cut as well. I've learned a lot. For example my addiction to peanut butter is throwing my fat content way over limit!!!

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