Friday, August 1, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Busy, busy day...

Fridays are my day off. So we are supposed to sleep in. Everyone seemed on board except little pixie, she secretly set her new tinker bell alarm clock to go off at 7 am. It didn't seem to phase her much. But around 7:05 I woke up and spent some groggy time trying to figure out what that insane beeping was. I couldn't figure out whether I should roll over and disregard or evacuate the house. Finally it all came together in my sleepy brain. I make my way through the mine field of toys in her room to this now screaming alarm. I fumbled quite a bit trying to silence it. Apparently my fumbling disrupted little pixies' sleep. She rolls over and says "Mom? What are you doing?" She then rolls over and zonks back out. So I'm up for the day - but I do have the sweetness of a quiet house for a bit.

Later while web surfing, I come across this awesome site on letterboxing. I am in a hurry to try it out. I love this sort of thing!! I'm trying to get everyone else on board... we shall see.

As soon as dear hubby pulled in the drive, I was ready to head out for my little run. It was about 2 1/4 mi. The weather was threatening all day. I wanted to beat the lightening at least, I don't mind running in the rain. In fact the rain would have been welcomed in the sweltering heat. But it just teased, there wasn't a drop to be shed. But it was a great run!

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