Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Girls are in the house!

Last week on the way out of school my little pixie points to a club house and says that the girls aren't allowed to play in there. She's 5 so the line between girls and boys is becoming pretty defined at school, though not necessarily with her. I asked if that was a rule that the boys made up. Nope, the teachers won't let them. Hmmm.. so I happen upon Ms. W on the way out. I ask about this bit of info. Yep, it's correct the boys play their game boys in the club house, which is a log cabin type of large plastic playhouse. When the girls and boys are both in there, there is too much fighting. So they are separated. Hmm... so they fight and the boys now get the house but the girls don't? Ms. W says yep that's correct. But don't worry, we push tables together and throw a blanket over them for the girls to go under. So I just actively listen and repeat back - the boys and girls fight in the nice playhouse, so the girls are now put under a table? Ms. W seemed quite irritated with this. It's my opinion that she realized how silly this sounded. After all, the boys are playing their game boys in there. Girls typically play house... doesn't it seem a little backward that the girls can't play house when the boys could hide anywhere to wear their thumbs out on a video game right? I thought a bit about buying the girls a house, but there is only a week left of summer and those things are expensive. I thought about pointing out to the director that it seemed pretty unequal, but we've had a couple of other issues... turns out none of that was necessary. I think just bouncing the words back in Ms. W's ear was enough. The final week of the summer has been declared girl week and they have taken over the cabin. I know I didn't just solve the world of gender inequality but garsh darnit little pixie got in the coveted playhouse this summer!

Cutie patootie moment... Little pixie says, "Tomorrow is zumba day. Sometimes I try to just watch but my body won't let me. The music starts and I just gotta move."

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