Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Big Adventure

Have you ever heard "I used to walk to school for over 2 miles, up-hill?" Well sometimes it's true.

Yesterday morning I got all of us loaded into the truck with all of our necessary bags for the day. I turned the key and nothing happened. I mean nothing. No click, no lights on the dash, nothing. I sort of panic a bit. It's just the 2d day of school, I've got to get to work, you know life...

So I call hubby. He says, "Pull Nick (affectionate name for old junker parked out front) around and use him to jump the truck. You can do it." Without many other options, I get brave and decide to try it out. I head down the hill. Door won't open. I peer passed the screwdriver holding the window up to make sure that it is infact unlocked. Yep, hmm... must be the rust, pull harder - is my instruction. So I really start tugging. Sweet success, door flies open! Surprisingly, he starts right up and I'm on my way.

"By the way, park at an angle," says hubby.


"His parking brake is broken. You'll need to chock block him, or he'll roll down the hill while your trying to jump the truck."

"Are you serious?"

"Sadly, yes."

Wonderful neighbor next door comes out to help, but upon deciding this is an exercise in futility, leaves to take his kids to school. I give up not long after. After pondering some options and having them all fall through, I decide to just walk Little Pixie to school. I call off work, change clothes and ready the stroller. Little Pixie packs a snack. Little man packs his tools, he's convinced that he can fix the truck instead.

We all load up and start the trek. It's a 2.5 mile trek. We made it in under an hour, which I thought was pretty good. Everyone worked as part of the team and we didn't experience any whining or crying. We sang songs. We said cadence. Little pixie even acted as a tour guide pointing out the sites for her little brother along the way.

In the end hopefully little pixie learned from example that her education is extremely important.

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