Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wedded Bliss

Dear Hubby and I attended a wedding last evening. It was a beautiful affair at a local Opera House. The colors were vibrant to match the intensity of the summer weather I'm sure. When we entered the opera house we were escorted up three little flights of stairs to the theatre. The theatre was candle lit. On either side of the aisle way were chairs arranged facing the stage and tables. The center pieces were fish bowls and goblets with floating candles. Each of these had very vibrant glass marbles in the bottom and matching flowers at the base.

The couple was married on the stage under an arbor with little twinkling lights. The pastor who presided was delightful. He talked a lot about a home where joy and laughter prevail. The most beautiful moment of the entire evening though was the vows. This was a blending of two families, each with children and one together. They made vows to their children to maintain a stable, loving, joy filled home. This brought me to tears.

My husband and I didn't have children until 3 years after our wedding... but I think vows to our children for a stable, loving, joy filled home should be made by all of us. It's not just a given that happens out of the sheer joy of parenting. I'm confident that stability and joy are qualities that require attention and nurturing to prevail. I will work at rededicating myself to my children and my spouse by making sure that at least for me - joy and stability will prevail.

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