Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Fair at New Boston

The Fair at New Boston was fun for our whole family. We will definitely return to enjoy future Labor Day weekends. This fair is completely historically accurate. There were period crafts for sale and activities. We considered it a learning experience and fun!

Upon entrance, 'Retired Guy' was given a ballot. He's a land owner, therefore could vote. As a woman, I could not. There was a reinactment of a woman attempting to vote, being carted off to jail. I'd hoped to use this as a woman's rights lesson for DD, but she was content to learn that woman can vote now. That's enough for now I guess.

Our first true stop was at the slackrope walker. She was hysterically funny and beyond gifted in balance. She jumped atop a red ball and juggled clubs, fire and swords. She then took her show to the slack rope. A slack rope is much like a tight-rope but... drumroll... slack. She walked up and back, and also juggled dangerous items. It was fabulous! Beyond just the skill, I think she truly would be entertaining painting a fence. Her wit is just side stitch funny.

The littlest tummies in our group were growling early. We had so many choices: onion soup, beef and dumplings, chicken noodles, grilled meats of many varieties and desserts aplenty. We settled on grilled corn on the cob, beef and dumplings and fresh lemonade. They were all fabulous... and rustic, which can be fun on occasion.

After lunch we stopped to see the fire-eater. He was mildly entertaining. At one point he said, "This can be painful because of my dry sense of humor." Let me just say politely that the statement was true not only for his performance but for the audience as well. However, the guy really did eat fire. He certainly has my respect, so no further comments will follow.

Due to my crafty nature though my favorite time was conversing with the vendors. I loved the soaper, being a soaper myself. She is delightful. Her soap was made authentically from lard, but I'm sure that's a necessity due to the historical requirement. I bought a bar because I like her. I certainly don't need any. The seamstresses were fabulous as well! I love that the clothing was all figure friendly. Due to the shortage of funds for multiple wardrobes, the clothes were adjustable for a woman's lifecycle. There were few buttons or fitted pieces, mostly drawstring and straight pinned shut.
Finally we finished off our stay with dessert of peaches and pound cake. They were fabulous, though I strongly suspect that the pound cake was of the Sara Lee frozen variety. But heavenly peaches made it all good!

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