Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have the pleasure of being married to a farm boy. A couple of years ago I really became interested in homesteading. He was relatively quick to warm up. We've talked for a while of buying a bigger piece of land and moving to our own little self-sufficient farm. That idea seemed more possible when we were going to homeschool and could follow his job. However, these days we have a school we love and an area we are attached to living in. We are also very close to enjoying a stay-at-home parent again (which BTW is NOT me :oP). So we've decided that for now at the very least we are blooming where we've planted. This is obviously a multi-year adventure to even get our foundation, but one that we are very excited about.

We actually have always greatly enjoyed simple living. DH's mother always gifted us with wonderful farm goods. We have had a garden in every home we've lived in. I sew, make soap, and enjoy homemaking. DH has a wonderful green thumb and is extremely handy. I now am working on preserving the harvest and becoming more self-sufficient with what we have.

My first steps are researching fruit trees & shrubs. We will start preparing a blueberry bush bed at the edge of our yard for next year. I am also going to resume sprouting. It's been a couple of years since I've sprouted consistantly and I've since misplaced my items to do so. I guess we'll add that to the budget as well :) Sprouts will be a nice addition to our winter diet!

I look forward to posting our updates!

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