Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekly Menu

Soccer is in full swing, so I'll be completing most of my cooking for the week today. We can just heat and eat throughout the week. Plus it gives me a great reason to just mill about the house today, I've been way under the weather all week and still am not at 100%. Oh and hubby has started the "peak season" hours and is working... again.

So here's our meals being made today:
Roast Beef Tenderloin w/ ranch mashed potatoes and green beans (dinner tonight)
Left over meal: beef & onion sandwiches on wheat rolls, french fries
**dessert** apple pie - little treat for hard working hubby

Also to be made today:
Black bean and ham soup (will feed us 2x and provide lunch)
Other 1/2 of ham will be a quiche

13 bean chili (will also feed us 2x and provide lunches)

To be made later this week:
Coconut/onion/apple chicken in the crockpot
w/carrots, celery and rice
Left over meal: chicken noodle soup

Quick weeknight meal: Kale w/navy beans, italian sausage & pasta. Garlic bread on the side. Dessert: sliced pears and cinnamon biscotti

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