Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girls are ruthless

So it's started... little pixie is 6. She plays soccer and I'll be honest she doesn't really engage. She's pretty hesitant on the field. She's always been extremely cautious in life, which I've probably encouraged. It sure does make parenting easy. Unfortunately she carries it with her onto the soccer field. She loves playing soccer. At home she is in the mix - stealing the ball, shooting goals, forget about scoring when she's goalie... Now granted we probably take it pretty easy on her, but the point is = at home she plays well and loves it. Not so much at games with her team.

So today we show up at our tournament and Pixie is raring to go. We've built her confidence up all weekend. The greeting she gets from her team-mate is "Your just going to run around like you always do. You never go for the ball." Little team-mate's mom just smiles. The mama bear in me wanted to say "In our house - if we don't have anything nice to say we don't say anything at all." But I can't parent the world. Instead I just responded with something about how pixie's a great player at home and just a little hesitant at the game. Meanwhile little pixie is hiding behind me.

I guess it was a good little reminder that our job as parents is to build them up as much as we can... because once we send them out there the other kids just tear them right back down... Little bucket heads.

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