Friday, October 17, 2008

Project Princess Success!

So our family is planning our BIG vacation next year. We are all travelling to Walt Disney World, Florida. Travelling will be our little family of 4 and my parents. I can honestly say that as of today, 180 days out from our vacation, I have put more effort into this than my wedding. We began planning about 4 months ago for our Spring break 2009.

The prize of the trip is a Princess Breakfast. This is the covetted dining experience at Disney. Apparently the breakfast sells out in minutes 180 days before the visit. So I coordinated a multi pronged attack. Here was our key to success. It began 2 days ago. I called to make sure that I understood the automated prompts to get through the phone system. I wrote the correct answers down so that others that were assisting would be able to move quickly as well. I also confirmed through them the exact date that my desired dates would load into the system.

This morning was day one. I posted signs throughout the house so that I would not run the risk of forgetting. I awoke early enough to get coffee and predial the number so I could just hit redial until they opened. Hubby did the same on his phone. I began dialing 2 minutes before my clock says they open for reservations. My 3d call went through. I cruised through the prompts with my script. The operator was with me immediately as I must have beat the line. I booked our first choice and am happy to report that Little Pixie and Little Man will be entertained by Princesses during our stay at Magic Kingdom. No need to call in the extra troops for the subsequent days and full fledged attack!

All this comes from me, a self described Anti-Disney and the fairy tale commercialism... I have always been extremely cautious about the negative influence of Disney on littles. BUT I can say that from working with them, Disney truly is the most magical place on earth. They make every dream come true for our wish kids. Every special request or wish is answered with "Absolutely, we can do that!" and it's even better than expected! I can't wait to experience with my littles!!

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