Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Funny

So the house up the street has been working on an addition for about 2 years. The plywood has been out in all weather to include Ohio winters. We don't really care, but it's a funny little running joke in our family. We pretend to be either the HOA or his wife on any given occasion. For example this summer across from the constant construction guy's house another neighbor built a new porch on his house by himself in 2 days. We laughed and said "Look at Bill's house! His wife said I want a new porch, and he had it built in 2 days!! You've been working on the storm door for 2 years!"

The funniest thing is that every week or so we'd see the neighbor out front with his buddy and beers. Power tools were strewn about, but we never saw one work. We never saw any change in the house either.

Today there is a big hand painted sign out front of the house that says - All Power Tools For Sale. The addition isn't any closer to being finished than it was 2 years ago. Now of course we wish everyone in the house well and hope no misfortune has come upon their home. But also a little part of us has to think that potentially our little humor might have been closer to the truth than we thought.

BTW- I saw this on my 3 mi run today so I'm using the running label too. It just makes me happy :)

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