Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekly Menu & Little Man's surgery

My menus are probably of no interest to anyone else... but posting sure does keep me motivated! So here goes:

Splitpea soup/homemade bread

fish sticks/ff/veggie

buttered pasta/broccoli/chicken

ground beef in mushroom gravy over mashed potatoes/green beans

13 bean chili w/cheese & crackers

Red Beans and rice (the ultimate comfort food!)

Cabbage soup/homemade bread

mexican chicken & pintos w/ tortillas/lettuce/tomatoes

Little princecharming is having surgery this upcoming week. He has a testicle that hasn't descended and doesn't look like it's going to make the journey south on it's own. My brother had this when he was young as well. It makes me wonder if it's genetic. So I'm told we should try and keep him mellow for 2 days. I'm thinking have you ever even met my son????

We do have a game plan... lots of peter pan, books and coloring. Maybe a trip in the stroller to feed the goats and get some ice cream at Youngs dairy. Ideas are always welcome!

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