Saturday, November 22, 2008

Catholic Mom

Ok this post is really more about my enthusiasm than anything else. I came across this site: that is just amazing. I am preparing our family for advent and out searching for age appropriate activities. Boy, oh boy did I hit the mother load! I didn't just find advent crafts and activities but also activities for every Mass - not just advent. I am so excited because I struggle with comprehension in my children. I wonder how much they get out of Mass or if it's the chore that the endure for the donuts and crazy play following. Of course we talk about it and such, but still I wonder. Now I have some fabulous resources to help!

Anyway, we are getting started with the advent chain now so it's in place for the beginning. I'm out of computer time this morning - off to make soup, bread and a grocery list. But later I will be at!

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