Saturday, November 8, 2008

Menu planning 11/8

Our menu for the upcoming week... Our most expensive trip in quite awhile!!! $116 for the week BUT that includes the ingredients to make the list below/breakfasts AND Emergency frozen pizzas, our Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing mix, a treat for our Christmas morning basket and mini marshmallow for our hot cocoa... We are living high on the hog this week LOL!

Sat: Chicken broccoli braid/coleslaw

Sun: Crab chowder/homemade bread

Mon: Cheese Quesedillas(*sp)/corn (ballet night - Dad MIGHT cook!!!)

Tues: Veggie stew w/ quinoa

Wed: Smashed potato soup/bacon/cheese/homemade bread

Thurs: Mac & cheese/fish (kid friendly Pixie's guest night)

Fri: One dish chicken supper (stuffing/chicken/green beans)

Sat: Pizza (build your own)

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