Saturday, November 22, 2008

Menu Planning

With the holidays and entertaining, we have another large $$ week of $106... that's 2weeks in a row over the $100 mark. We must be living quite large LOL. This menu has some repeats. Last weeks menu made a lot more than expected and so we had lots of leftovers.

Saturday: Brown Jug Soup/Fougasses bread

Sunday: Greek Breakfast Pitas (Parish Thanksgiving - I'm taking Pumpkin Spice Cakes)

Monday: Macaroni & cheese/broccoli

Tuesday: Spaghetti/sauce/squash blend/fococcia (also luncheon at P's school - I'm assigned green beans)

Wednesday: Black bean nachos

Thursday: devilled eggs/turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/gravy/green beans/cornicopia rolls

Friday: turkey noodle soup

Saturday: Red Beans/rice

Cookie exchange cookies: thumb prints
Cookie exchange appetizers: veggie ranch pizza, salsa dip w/chips, sweet saucy meatballs

Snacks/treats: snack mix (cheerios, pretzels, m&m's, sunflower seeds, raisins), Cinnamon sugar rounds.

And for anyone following along with my DH employment saga - while typing the contract company just called to say they were not awarded the contract. His disappointment hangs in the air. He's hung his hopes on this since June 20th. He's much more trusting than I; I wrote them off months ago.

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