Tuesday, November 25, 2008


NIP = Nursing In Public

This seems to be the summit of breastfeeding. I know that especially for moms with very little ones, still getting the hang of nursing, this can be very uncomfortable. But this is truly what we need more of, strong natural mothering examples.

There is a lovely woman at my parish who has mothering down to a science. She comes from a large family and has a large family herself. Today we had a school event and she found herself seated right by all of the action. Everyone literally had to parade by her and her littles. And there she was nursing her youngest. She seemed a little uneasy at first... maybe not as much the in your face lactivist as some... But still I was just so taken with the example that she was setting for the younger women and mothers of the parish. I felt the need to tell her as much. Sometimes the best lactivism is just lactating.

I guess that's just another example of why she's such a fabulous example for the rest of us!

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