Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One new thing..

I seem to be learning the neatest things lately... some of the things I might have known once upon a time and forgotten.. other things are brand spanking new. So I thought it would be fun to stash these little facts here and reference them at a later date...

Today's new thing... You cannot rely on the safety in pregnancy ratings of prescription drugs for breast feeding. Turns out the placenta is an amazing filter and much better at eliminating anything that could be harmful to a fetus. Breasts on the other hand don't have the same advantage. The filtering system to breast milk is similar to the body. For example if one were to enjoy alcoholic beverages, the breast milk would mirror the blood alcohol level. Granted, now that I'm finished nursing forever (boo hoo), this doesn't matter much to me personally but is extremely interesting I think.

Today's funny - Little man went to the church craft show with me this weekend. He cried the whole time "Where are the crafts???" But in little soon to be 3 yo jumble... come to find out that jumble wasn't crafts... it was crabs. He thought we were going to a crab show. I can't imagine what a crab show would be like, but to little man it sounded like heaven!

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