Sunday, November 2, 2008

Parenting Pay-off

Saturday we spent the day earning an "All About Birds" Badge at Aullwood Audubon Center. We had a day full of hands on learning with turtles, a Red hawk, and of course BIRDS! It was truly fun for the whole family. At one point we split up. I went with Little Pixie for the formal portion of the class and Hubby took Little Man around for more toddler friendly activities. After a bit Little Man and Hubby returned, though the class was not yet complete. I whispered to Little Man that he should go sit on the floor behind his sister so that he could participate in the remaining part of the class. He took this very literal, as any 2 year old would I guess. Dispite the huge open space, he snuggled up right behind his sister. One foot was placed on either side as if they were on a snow sled.

At home this would have been met with, "Hey! Your breathing on me!" This is so much the standard response that I felt myself suck in a little air, preparing for Pixie to blow. To my surprise and delight, she turned around a little, smiled and then rubbed his leg just like I do in the car. She seemed extremely comforted that he was there and he was just beaming due to being included.

So briefly, for about 10 minutes on Saturday afternoon, the planets aligned and my children were actually successfully "attached" to one another. It was the best parenting pay-off ever.

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