Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pin Tucks

I'm working with the fall/winter Ottobre designs magazines the last couple of months. I just LOVE them! However everything this season seems to be about the pin tuck. If it's just a little off, then the whole thing just screams home sewing! Or worse - draws way too much attention to a not so great spot. In the woman's magazine there is a cute bias cut skirt that has the pin tucks across the belly... well after 2 children that's the last place I want to draw attention if you know what I mean! So I removed them from that pattern, but decided to work on my craftswomanship all the same.

Here are the results of my efforts. These are not perfect by any means. They are much better than earlier attempts. I learned that for me the key was to stop trying to sew them as I would a dart and just let them be pintucks! I was attempting to run the seam off of the edge to avoid the little pucker - but that's what a pin tuck is... the little pucker at the end.

It all worked out on a delightful little pair of corduroy pants with a little tulip sort of bell bottom. Very cozy!

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