Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I'm reading now..

Overcoming School Anxiety by Diane Peters Mayer

This book is Heaven sent for our family. Little Pixie is certainly anxious. Not just about school, but many other things as well. Like most parents I blame myself, but in my case I believe it's actually true. My biological father has severe anxiety issues and I'm certain that heredity got the best of her. I have always known that Little Pixie is exceptionally sensitive. I've probably even discussed it on this blog. I've certainly encouraged it. It makes her unbelievably easy to parent. Just one cross look and whatever behavior immediately ceases. Unfortunately this just compounds her outing anxiety.

Honestly, I didn't even really have a name for her behaviors until I came across this book at the library. She is delightful. She has great fun with her peers. But just getting her out the door or ready for an event, usually had us both in tears. Every time I tried to explain it to others, they would say, "Oh all kids are like that." But really it's a step above normal daudling (we have that too). Sometimes it's just her being immobilized by the fear of separation or maybe other kids not wanting to play with her, or math class... or ... well anything.

We have been utilizing some of the techniques in the book to ease the transitions. It's been amazing so far! First of all I've been able to step in during touchy situations between the 2 children. I can now better identify when it's just kid stuff and when it's pixie releasing anxiety on her brother. I've also been able to prompt her with calming self talk that hopefully she is learning to one day do on her own.

I have yet to complete the book, as it's designed to be used on a case by case basis. Hopefully we never need the whole thing... but just incase I have it at the ready. I love the more peaceful home it's helping me to create.

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