Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So our computer has been in the shop for well over a week. It was a great break from technology that we learned to appreciate, in many ways. When we learned that we had a dreaded virus, our immediate thought was getting the computer in to the shop as soon as possible. I didn't want to loose anything... The pictures of treasured memories that were never printed. Backups for my old website, that I dream of one day reopening. Not to mention the immediate need of a computer for hubby's job search. So off we wisk the computer to the shop.

It wasn't until later that night while lying in bed that the issue of pride weighed upon me. To my horror, I forgot one picture that I would have rather lost a long time ago. Now should the technicians need to open files... and should they be unfortunate enough to open up "motivation"... they would be greeted with the glorious sight of me post baby #2 in only a sports bra and short gym shorts. That's right the only true motivation guaranteed to work... a picture of me at my very heaviest, worst condition to post on the refrigerator. And it did work... I'm certainly no skinny-mini but I haven't "needed" that picture to keep me from the ice cream for a while.

I voiced my concern to some friends and learned that computer and film technicians see much worse. They see funny, weird, illegal acts that range from calling your buddy to calling the police. So in an odd way, I'm thankful for all of those folks out there.

BTW - I'm also told now that rarely do the technicians ever explore files, typically it's just scanned. I probably could have used that bit of info earlier in the week.

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