Thursday, January 1, 2009

Buzz Cut Bliss

Over the last few months, little man has taken to accompanying hubby to the barbershop for weekly buzz cuts. This is a standard in my retired military man's life. Probably just one of those constants in life like waffles for breakfast. During this time little man began his quest to become his daddy. He gets his tools to help around the house and fixing the car. He also decided that he was ready to have dad's hair cut.

We decided to have this become a little ritual surrounding little man's 3rd birthday this December. My hubby turned the children's bathroom into a barber shop. Our oldest little pixie became the photographer. I had the priveledge of operating the clippers. The haircut was amazing. Not the actual cut, but the action of the cutting. With all of his hair tumbling to the ground, he really took shape of the little boy we have. It was amazing, not just to me but to many others that know him. Everyone noticed how just the simple haircut gave way to the little preschooler that he is. For days after all I heard was, "Momma, I need the mirror. Look at my hair!" As he mugged and smoothed it at the sides and nape.

He's just so smitten with himself now. And we can't help but to be smitten too.

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