Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beginner Dinner Games

We purchased the Beginner Dinner Games from Magic Cabin earlier this year. We love it! When this game is at the table we have peace. We don't have phantom feet kicking one another under the table, gripes about eating our peas or drinking our milk!

Tonight we played "Not Me". One of us shut our eyes and the others passed a small object around the table. After the count of 10 was over, everyone put one closed fist on the table and innocently continued to eat their dinner. The counter attempted to guess who had the small object. This was fun for everyone.

Most games aren't as involved though. The littles favorite game is to count to 3, and put out a thumb either up or down. The odd guy/girl out eats a bite of veggies. If everyone is the same then everyone eats a bite of their veggies. Just a couple of go-rounds and the iffy veggie is finished off.

We've always gone around the table reciting our favorite part of the day, so this is just a step up for us. I know some families aren't up for this sort of horse play during mealtime, so the game may not be for everyone. But we LOVE it!

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