Monday, January 12, 2009

Kindness abounds...

So I have continued proof that our world truly is filled with caring people. Today our travel agency calls to ask a couple of process questions about travellers with medical needs. This is obviously something we handle often at A Special Wish Foundation. Due to confidentiality they did not share, nor did I ask, specifics as to names or distinguishing characteristics.

They are working on a flight for a gentleman who is terminally ill and is clearly at the end of his life. He is an immigrant here. He has no wife or children, only sisters back in his home country. Up until this time he has been a loyal employee of a large wealthy business. The owner of this very large business heard of this dedicated employee, who is facing the end of his days in this country without his closest family. The owner decides to call his trusted travel agent and finance the return of this employee to his family in his homeland. He is also covering the cost of medical care during the flight so the gentleman is comfortable and arrives safely.

I think we are bombarded with negatives in the media of people who are calloused toward one another. I truly believe that there are hidden acts of kindness all around us. The world would be a much better place if we gave these acts more press.

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