Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lautzy Soap

Have you missed Lautzy Soap? So have I... Lautzy Soap was a very fun business for me to have and certainly helped the family finances. However, I have decided to allow Lautzy Soap to take a long winter's nap. My reason for this is primarily that my children are young and our family is undergoing some transition. I am making the decision to really focus on homemaking and enjoying my children while they are young. I continue to value natural living and strive to live in a chemical free environment.

When Lautzy Soap was alive and well I had a blog that tracked my natural living adventures. It has been sorely neglected for quite awhile. I'm going to invite those principles to join in Share My Bliss...

Our family has a long way to go for truly green living... but everyone starts somewhere. We started with breastfeeding, then natural skincare, then cloth diapers... I'm looking forward to rekindling our green cleaning practices as well.

BTW - this does not include eliminating sugar... where would baking bliss 2009 be without it? I can't break my resolution so quickly!

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