Monday, January 26, 2009

Meal Plan 1/26/09

Busy, busy week - hey who's week isn't busy right?

Sat - Lasagna Bake (didn't get made the week before)

Sun - out, Little man was baptised. It was amazing and wonderful and I cried.

Mon - Chili w/ corn bread

Tues - Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken w/ coleslaw

This hubby's mom's recipe - it's fabulous. Which is technically named Helen's coleslaw... because well once upon a time it was just Helen's I imagine. Then it was handed down to me, filed under 'H' for Helen - the obvious spot. Funny thing is I keep it there in the 'H':)

Wed - Smothered Burgers w/ oven fries and broccoli

Thurs - Pixie and I are out for the night. The boys are fending for themselves with chicken nuggets and applesauce

We were supposed to have fish tacos one night too... but we are visiting family throught the weekend and just don't need the extra meal. We'll push that to next week... I LOVE fish tacos!

I also planned Little Pixies lunches. She'll have the same things twice this week and pizza on Friday. Her lunches are: grape and cheese skewers w/ veggies and crackers, and apple /cream cheese cookie cutter sanwiches w/ veggies. Both lunches are accompanied by 2 cookies. One she shares and one she eats.

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