Friday, January 2, 2009

Menu Planning for week beginning 1/2/09

Here's our plan:

Mexi-chicken w/ rice and veggies. My normal recipe is to throw 2 cans crushed tomatoes on chicken breasts with some cumin, chili powder, garlic powder and cilantro in the crock pot. BUT I just was a bit too hurried this a.m. and missed the opportunity. It is now in the oven, hopefully it turns out as well. The left overs of this are fabulous shredded and used as filling for tacos, enchiladas, that sort of thing. This week they are becoming tortilla soup -

Tortilla soup (from left over chicken) Souper yummy... (couldn't resist that one)

Chicken in Wine (another crock pot recipe) w/ seasoned squash

BBQ Spare Ribs/potatoes/kale

Russian Chicken w/ rice

Beef roast w/ stew veggies

Brunswick Soup w/ biscuits

Sausage pizza/veggie plate - this is an encore from last week. Nothing special, just instead of pepperoni I browned some bulk sausage. Everyone was thrilled - who knew.

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