Friday, January 9, 2009

Next time get some chairs will ya?

We had unseasonably warm weather here in Ohio over the holidays. One evening between Christmas and New Years I went out for a walk. About half way around the loop I came to a neighbor that appeared to be cleaning out her garage. We chatted a bit and she truly is delightful! She had tons of funny, and not so funny stories to share. After a bit she mentioned that she needed to take most of the stuff to Goodwill. A teenager ran a car into her house one afternoon, shifting even the foundation!

With all of the work they needed done, they just didn't have the space for all of her "one-day" projects. In the small collection of one-day projects was this fabulous wooden table. I have always wanted one of these drop leaf tables. I jokingly asked if the table was part of the project pile... Surprisingly enough it was! And since she was just planning on taking it to Goodwill anyway, it was FREE! I just needed to come back and pick it up. Throughout the conversation the neighbor kept saying "God is faithful and good." That He is. I hope blessings return to her ten-fold. The best I can do is bake some cookies :)

Sweet hubby keeps sending me out for walks to get some chairs...

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