Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Menu - 1/10/09

Lots of chicken in the freezer so we are trying to get a little more creative!

Sat: Beef Stew w/ veggies

Sun: Stuffed Cabbage and a salad

Mon: Reuben sandwiches/sweet potato chips (or oven fries)

Tues: Lemon Honey Chicken/pilaf/veggie

Wed: Pork Chops/kale/??

Thurs: Greek Chicken (in the crock, veggies included)

Fri: Chickenetti

Our menus usually end up feeding us for about 2 more days due to leftovers. So the days are just an estimate. Also for afternoon snack I put out a veggie plate for the littles, so I will be purchasing those items for snacks. Since we are currently avoiding nuts in all forms and products that have even shared space with them, I've taken to creating a snack mix for the littles. I don't even pretend it's healthy, but here it is anyway:

1 part chocolate teddy grahams
1 part graham bees
1 part little pretzels
1 part yogurt covered raisins

It can make a lot and the littles think it's a sweet treat.


geekypoet said...

Wow - you've already got your menu together. Congrats on your organization!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! If I didn't menu plan we would live off of fried egg sandwiches LOL!