Friday, January 2, 2009

What are you about??

So I've been doing some reading on blogging. Just about what makes an interesting blog, why people read, topics of interest, things of that nature. One common thread that I keep seeing is that a blog has to have focus. Ut oh. People need to know what they are coming to see when they come to visit a blog. Ut oh. So immediately I think, should I remedy this? Should I make my blog about something - cooking, family, crafting, faith, little blessings?

After a bit of thought I've come to the hasty conclusion that my blog is about us.. and the bliss that we create, just like the header says. Mainly, I cover homemaking because that's what my life consists of right now. The wonder of homemaking is that there is so much too it. It's the obvious of caring for children, cooking and cleaning. But it's also the love of a homemade birthday cake, hand knit socks or the research on a new family crisis (cashew allergy - more info later).

One suggestion from different sources was to construct different blogs for different interests. Maybe have 2 or 3 blogs such as a cooking blog, crafting blog and a family blog. To that I just have to say, are you serious? Who has the time to do any of these things if they are busy maintaining all of these blogs, right?

Another suggestion was to find out why people read your blog... hmm. I have no idea. I guess I could post a poll... but that's just weird. Quite frankly I wouldn't really change my interests to reflect someone else's anyway.

I'm sticking to one catch all bucket blog. I'm sure it will flow with my interests, but I don't see that as a bad thing.

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