Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Tube Beauty Madness...

I'm a huge fan of the vintage 50s looks.. clothes/hair/makeup you name it. I guess I'm just in love with that era. Maybe that's why I just love the 50s housewife blog. Well somehow I stumbled upon all of these tutorials for 50s hair and make up on youtube. In all honesty, most of them require more time and effort than I currently have to give. But it definitely brought to mind times in girl friends' bathrooms all trying out each others makeup and hair products. Do girls still do that or do they just watch youtube now? Maybe I'm actually just contributing to the increasing disconnect between people... well, mostly I surf when I'm battling insomnia and I don't have any friends that would like to be up discussing 50s housewives at 1 a.m.

Anyway in my surfing I found this chick whose name makes me believe that I probably don't want to watch her other videos... but I like her super easy wet to dry hair style. I forwarded through the makeup tips because I rarely wear more than lipgloss and mascara, I'm just too lazy to wash it all off every night. So here are her videos:

I put my hair up yesterday because it was supposed to be a day inside the house... We ended up running all sort of errands but that's for another post. This morning I took the little pigswirls out and this is what I have...

Which looks a little crazy on the photo but actually wavy/curly and cute in real life. I really love curls, especially ones you only have to sleep on and unwind. :)

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