Saturday, February 7, 2009

The first 30 days

I just finished up reading The First 30 Days by Ariane de Bonvoisin. She has a a website - to help people deal with change in their lives.

We are experiencing some change for certain. Hubby accepted a position in Georgia, we are currently in Ohio. There are a couple of factors that make this move a little challenging for me personally - though as a general rule I bore easily so I welcome any excitement.

The first and most prominent factor(s) are our little people. Because I am so happy with the arrangements that we have had for them, I did not want to make a change unless necessary. It's now obvious a move is necessary, so now we are making the move as exciting and fun as possible.

The next factor is that after years of staying home to care for our family I found the "perfect" job for me. It is flexible with great co-workers and contributes to my desire to save the world. I felt a little cheated that after being almost forced to go to work, and being blessed to have found an amazing opportunity it is being taken away. This part I struggled with a little more.

So this book had some appeal sitting on the library book shelf. The first chapter in this book is about examining our mind-set. What beliefs are we carrying and are we applying those beliefs to our lives. I believe strongly that we may make wonderful plans, but God's plan is always better. In the midst of these plans that my hubby and I are making, I think I lost sight of this. It can be easy to do, I suppose, when life is pretty good. Which in general, aside from hubby's unemployment, life has been pretty great! Everyone has challenges of course, but we love each other, kids are healthy, friends, family... you know the drill. This makes trusting that it is even going to get better a little well... astonishing?

I really did read most of the book, skimming areas that I felt I had a pretty good grasp on. I'll probably share a couple more posts about things I loved. For this post, the biggest lesson I'm taking away is that if I say I believe something, I need to live it. Even if it's unbelievable. My plans were pretty good... but what is coming up is even better!

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