Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home management binder

When I returned to work one of the things that I took the most comfort in was the return of my planner. At work, I've always "lived" out of my planner. I've been on top of things and able to anticipate upcoming challenges. At home, I tend to fall out of this practice. Birthdays and holidays creep up. I double book myself or our family for events. And quite frankly, I "forget" to do tasks that I don't enjoy.

So in an effort to reclaim my organization at home, it is my intent to create a home binder that works for me. In the past I've had flylady control journals... but those aren't mine.

I'm currently cruising other homemaking blogs for ideas. I've found one here at my blessed home blog that I think I can't use some of her ideas. I am open to more ideas and would love to hear suggestions or have links to other home binders.

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