Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have a cookie jar!

We have a cookie jar winner!! This jar hails from Sea World San Diego. It has a picture of a different animal on each side. The adorable animals include: a tufted puffin, beluga whale, arctic fox and a polar bear.

The cookie jar had many things going for it that qualified it for placement within our home. 1st and foremost it was free... but that's not enough to earn a spot of honor on the counter top! It was also blue to match the kitchen.

The real super-dooper qualification though, was that it feeds little pixie's love of the arctic and all things animal. Her job-du-jour is to work in an aquarium caring for the animals. So while snacking on cookies she tells us and her little brother all sorts of random facts about the animals on the side.

Hmm a cookie jar that feeds their passion and their bellies... perfect!

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