Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekly Menu 2/2/09

We are little out of wack due to being back home in Massillon over the weekend. We are TIRED!!! But certainly starting to catch up. Here's this week's menu:

Mon: macaroni & cheese

Tues: Speedy individual pizzas/green beans

Wed: Pirate Stew

Thurs: beef/onion enchiladas/veggie

Fri: Crab chowder/bread/veggies

Sat: Hamburger Stroganoff/salad

Sun: Halibut w/ rice & kale

lunches: sandwiches, pickles, apple sandwiches, garlic cheese bread w/ tomato sauce, veggie plates

cookie of the week will be chocolate chip oatmeal... I've yet to get caught up on posting my baked goodness for the past couple of weeks but I will post soon!! I have pictures too... and one of our new favorites...

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