Saturday, March 14, 2009

Georgia Children's Museum

Today is a chilly rainy day in Georgia. Our original plan for the day was to attend the Peaches to Beaches event. It's a weekend garage sale that stretches throughout Georgia along HWY 341. But last night we decided that we wanted to focus on the kids instead. We searched google and the visitors sites for quite sometime, finally selecting the Georgia Children's Museum as the worthy destination.

As you can see on the website, it's a fabulous 4 stories of non-stop fun. We had our hopes set high. Upon entering, we learned that only the basement and first floor play loft were open. We decided to start in the basement. It has a news theme and lots of interactive places to explore. The sister cities homes were fun for the littles to explore. The nice man who handled our admission informed us there was an arts and crafts area in the basement, but I had a little man determined to make it to the toy loft. So we headed upstairs.

The toy loft reminded me of a daycare center. Lots of fun learning and dramatic play toys with open space. As a parent it was a dream! While the littles played, I spent sometime appreciating the murals that filled almost every bit of space. It is obvious to me that some people are very passionate about making a wonderful space for kids.

We did eventually make it to the Arts and Crafts area back downstairs. Our children were completely delighted to cut, paste and color their own creations. I loved the atmosphere of the creative space. It felt very art loft-ish.

In the end, I can say our family enjoyed ourselves. I think the other family I met that drove over an hour to get to the 2 story play space, was a little disappointed. So if you are in the Macon museum district and your children need to blow off some steam don't miss the Children's Museum. But unless it's fully open and operational, I won't drive the 40 minutes to get there again.

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