Friday, March 6, 2009

Lazy Lasagna?

Our first few days in our new home were without any kitchen supplies. We only had paper plates and plastic ware. We were sick of restaurants, sandwiches and tv dinners. So I ask my hubby to pick up one of those frozen meals that goes in the oven. They are already in their pan and ready to go. Ordinarily I would never serve one, but this was as close to "home" cooking that I can get right now.

So he buys a lasagna w/ meat sauce. We stick it in the freezer and get busy "moving". Around 5 o'clock I remember dinner. Checking the package instructions I realize that from the frozen state, this lasagna takes OVER 2 hours in the oven. We can't eat at 7, so I move the lasagna to the fridge and trek back to the store for sandwich fixin's. So last night I stuck the lasagna in the oven for what amounted to an hour and a half to have it piping hot. I will admit that during that time I was able to make a very nice salad and some homemade salad dressing to go with it. I also worked on some bread... so it was a little convenient having it ready made. And while I can't say it tasted as good as mine, it was tasty.

But in the end, when kitchen utensils are available... I hardly think there is much advantage to the freezer kind over just boiling my own noodles :)

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