Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Menu Plan 3/18

Some of this is junky, some not... But it is all homemade. I actually attempted to cash in on a major Kroger deal on chicken nuggets. Premade convenience junk. However, my youngest decided that he was having none of it. He had a failure in his listening skills which ended with him banshee screaming in frozen foods. So we left without the goods. Funny thing though, the workers all wanted to give him a balloon so he'd stop crying. Ummm no, in my house you don't get a reward to stop making poor choices. Poor guy, he didn't get a balloon or chicken nuggets. But, we did get home and have a snack & a drink to get us back on track... and me a couple of minutes of peace :) Anyway, back to the true task at hand - the weekly menu:

Tonight - drumsticks, french fries, salad
Thurs - beef & bean burritos / skillet corn
Fri - at church
Sat - Seafood Caesar salads w/ garlic bread
Sun - Meat & cheese tray w/ veggie plate
Mon - Hot bandanna sandwiches w/ leftover veggie plate
Tues - Tuna Melts w/ side salad

Breakfasts: yogurt parfaits, bagels w/ honey nut cream cheese, pancakes w/ bacon, baked oatmeal

Lunches: leftovers, mac & chs, cheese & bread sticks w/ sauce, Mom's version of lunchables

Extras: Hot Cocoa Mix w/ extra chocolate & mini marshmallows (if I can find them around here ;op )

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