Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Clutter Clean Up

I am totally inspired by Cleaning Up the Clutter (link to the right). I love the tangible evidence of work done. This is specifically important to me because I have small children. More often than not the work that I do is either balanced out by a bigger mess somewhere else, or the actual cleaning that I've done is destroyed within hours. One day they will all go to school and I'll be home alone in a clean house - which sounds sad... so I won't get too upset about the messes. But never the less... I'm excited to see some evidence of my efforts. We are just getting settled after our move to start having clutter. I'm on a mission to have a little less clutter in our lives!

Here's my before - the organ has become a dumping ground for school stuff:

After finding some new homes and dusting this is what we have:

It's even improved a bit more. The pictures propped up to the right have found a home on a wall as well. Never you mind the air freshener - I hate those. But hubby loves this one. Soon when his room is cleared out, this item will find it's way in there :)

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