Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Day of Homemaking...

So I thought I would share my daily list and activities just for fun... it would be fun to hear others as well :)

My special project for the day ~
Clear junk from bedroom because maintenance is due to stop by to check the ceiling fan... can't be embarassed!

Happiness for the day~
chasing bubbles w/ little man
fresh flowers on the table
new fabric ready for quilt making

My cleaning list:
Clean Counter, Stovetop
Clean out refrigerator
Clean out or off all items on counters
Wipe down fronts of Cabinets
Clean microwave
Clear Cobwebs
Dust Kitchen
Sweep Floor

Little people fun~ park day!

Believe it or not this + a new haircut will fill my entire day! How do you fill your day? Gotta blog? Link to it!

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